Red Wing Classic Round Boots

Hello again! Long time no see. You may think that I've been slacking on the job, but in fact, I've been working harder than ever (sort of). I've been putting several new products to the test over this past year and I've got plenty to show you. Now let's jump into it, with style... 

These beauties are the Red Wing Classic Round Boots - Style No. 9111. I purchased these back in Dec 2014 and have been pounding the pavement in them ever since. 


Let's start with the facts. These boots retail at a whopping $260, which I realize might break the bank for some people (myself included). But I like to think of them as a life-long investment. Something that will withstand the tests of time both functionally and aesthetically. These boots are made of the highest quality oil-tanned leather that feels like butter to the touch. And because of the leather's natural finish, these boots will age beautifully over time. The photo above was taken the day I purchased the boots. Throughout this review, you will see how they have transformed over just one year of use. 


Red Wing has become a household name in the menswear industry due to the sudden popularity of their Classic Moc Boot. While I appreciate the ruggedness and manliness of the Moc, I chose to purchase the "round toe" boot because I believe this style to be a timeless classic. One that supersedes the current "moc toe" trend that is available in every flannel-carrying menswear store on the planet. In my opinion, the round toe gives the boot a little more sophistication, allowing it to be worn in both a formal and casual setting.  


There is no equal when it comes to the construction of these boots. The upper has a triple-stitch Goodyear welt construction and robust nickel plated eyelets, making them practically indestructible. High quality construction paired with high quality materials means you are investing in a product that will most likely outlive you. And if you do somehow outlive these boots, Red Wing offers a life-long repair service out of their manufacturing facility in Red Wing, Minnesota. So you can revive them back to their former glory at any stage in their life.


The flexible crepe outsole is another great feature of this boot. This lightweight material helps to minimize shock and vibration while maximizing comfort and traction. The tread pattern is relatively shallow compared to most boots, but this actually helps to minimize the amount of dirt & mud that gets stuck underneath. I've logged at least 200 miles in this boot and I can honestly say that they are super comfortable (and get even more comfortable over time as they mold to your foot). 


These boots are constructed in a manner that allows them to be resoled. This is a huge plus because the outsole is always the first thing to wear down on a boot. Just another reason why Red Wing is worth investing in.  


I decided to upgrade my laces to leather when I first purchased the boots. They come with some taslan laces, but I felt these were too cheap to use on a premium leather boot. These leather laces I found age beautifully over time and compliment the well-worn aesthetics of the boot.


Sizing is a little tricky on these boots. They run fairly big, so I would recommend getting a full size down. I traditionally wear a size 10.5 or 11, but a size 9 fit me perfectly in these boots. If you have a Red Wing store near you, I would try them on in person just to be sure.


I decided to break in my Red Wing's by exclusively wearing them while exploring England & Italy last year. Here are a few slides showing  them along the journey.


Because these boots are made of oil tanned leather, they require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. Red Wing offers everything you need to keep the leather clean, hydrated, and protected. Keep in mind that conditioning the leather does darken the color a bit, but that's just part of the beautiful transformation these boots will undergo over the years.



Red Wing Boots have a reputation of being the highest quality, longest lasting, and most comfortable leather boots on the market, and I couldn't agree more. When you purchase these boots, you are making an investment that will last you a lifetime. Not only will these boots look better over time, but they fit better over time as well. And that level of quality/longevity is tough to find in products nowadays. So if you are looking for that go-to boot to wear on any occasion, look no further than the Redwing Classic Round.

Rating: 10/10

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