Makr Farm Rucksack

Hello again! This week we'll be taking a look at the Makr Carry Goods Farm Rucksack. This bag retails for $185 dollars at the Makr online store. I purchased this backpack July 1st and have been using it on my (skateboarding) commute to and from work every morning. 

I decided to pick up the Tobacco color option. It gives the bag a sophisticated feel and pairs nicely with the tan leather detailing. 

The overall material is a heavy duck canvas. It's highly abrasion resistant due to its weight and hides dirt well because of its color. The canvas is somewhat stiff at first, but begins to soften after a few weeks of use. 

This bag uses Natural Horween® Leather, which is some of the best leather around. And much like the canvas, it arrived fairly stiff but softened over time. The bag is constructed incredibly well, using double rivets on the leather and a thick white stitch across the rest of the seams. 

One of the most interesting features of this bag is the front closure. It consists of a unique metal D-ring that pushes through a designated slot, giving the leather strap enough space to feed all the way through. While it looks aesthetically pleasing, it can be somewhat cumbersome to use at times. I've been spoiled by the classic buckle closure that takes a fraction of a second to click into place. This one takes a good 30 seconds to get both sides closed properly, which I know seems minor, but it's still somewhat of a nuisance. 

Believe it or not, the main reason I purchased this pack was because it had 2 external bottle pockets. I needed something that allowed me to carry both a water bottle and a travel mug to work every morning. While these pockets seem a bit small, they're just big enough to accommodate my 16oz Takeya water bottle and 20oz Klean Kanteen. And because they fit so snugly, I've had no issues with the bottles sliding out. 

The back panel is where this pack comes up a little short. While I realize this is "minimal rucksack" style bag, the back panel lacks any kind of structure. This becomes an issue when you're carrying around smaller lumpy things that are able dig into your back because there is no structural barrier. I've managed to fix this issue by carrying around a rigid notebook at all times, but this is not an ideal solution. A thin layer of foam or some sort of light structure built into the back panel would've make this bag infinitely more comfortable.

The shoulder straps however do have a layer of built-in padding that make them very comfortable. They also have a riveted leather reinforcement strap that is aesthetically consistent with the front closure straps. A piece of cotton webbing keeps the leather in place and can also be used as an attachment point.

A chrome belt buckle gives you the option to adjust your shoulder straps to the desired length. 

The grab handle is made of the heavy cotton webbing and reinforced with a thick white stitch. I've noticed my grab handle is starting to show some dirt, but in my opinion, its only getting better with age. 

The main compartment easily holds a 15inch macbook pro with plenty of room for other daily essentials (for me that's a jacket, a camera, and lunch).

One of my favorite features of this backpack is that there's no exterior branding. The only branding on the bag is small piece of stamped leather on the interior pocket. It's refreshingly subtle and gives the bag a higher level of sophistication than its competitors. 

The interior pocket is the perfect size for my small daily essentials. I do wish it had some sort of closure to ensure that the contents stayed inside the pocket. Only a few times have some of the the contents spilled into the main compartment of the bag. (Most likely when I lay the bag flat on the ground)

Again, I love the subtly of the hidden "Made in USA" hangtag on the interior seam of the backpack. It's not in your face about being made here, like most Made in the USA bags. Makr lets the craftsmanship just speaks for itself. 

The small exterior pocket is perfect for carrying a notepad or small sketchbook and some pens. And the snap button closure does a great job of keep its contents in place. Also, the main flap of the backpack slightly overlaps the top of the pocket, adding another level of security for these contents.  

The Overview

Overall, the Makr Farm Rucksack is a beautifully made bag. It uses the highest quality materials, with the sturdiest construction methods, and holds a versatile amount of stuff. It has a very clean and sophisticated aesthetic that makes it perfect for a work commuter bag. While there are a few flaws in its design, mainly the flimsy back panel, the overall pros outweigh the cons. So if you're looking for a backpack that can handle all of your daily essentials while maintaining a higher level of sophistication, go grab the Makr Farm Rucksack.

Rating: 8.5/10

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