Nike Zoom Hypercross

My first ever review will be on the Nike Zoom Hypercross training shoe. These specific kicks are a size 10.5 in the Hyper Turquiose/Black colorway and retail at $140 dollars at the Nike Store.

Let's jump into it! The outsole is definitely the most notable feature of this shoe and the main reason I decided to purchase it. I was looking to make a shift from a running shoe to a training shoe. I originally thought I could get away with using a running shoe for my Circuit Works style of training, but I quickly realized this was not ideal. I was slipping a lot during the floor training exercises which made me nervous and afraid of injury. I needed something with more lateral and forefoot grip for exercises like mountain climbers, skiers, planks, etc. This is where the Zoom Hypercoss outsole excels. 

The large hexagonal pods that resemble delicious Gushers do a great job at giving your foot a cushioned landing for those high impact exercises. My initial fear with this shoe was that it would be too stiff and uncomfortable for the running portion of my workout. While it is a bit stiffer than my running shoes (and rightly so), it was surprisingly comfortable for running. My feet have not felt sore during or after my workout and I've hardly noticed the switch to be honest. That being said, I wouldn't recommend running a marathon in these, but if your workout consists of 1-3 miles of running, these shoes will definitely fit the bill.  

In my opinion, the best design detail of the shoe comes from the multidirectional tread pattern. If you look closely, you can see small chevrons embossed over the hexagons. These micro treads give you an incredible grip on the ground and allow you to stop on a dime. I felt extremely confident doing skiers and mountain climbers all last week at the gym. And confidence is important when you are pushing your body to the limit. You'll also notice that the blue outlines around the hexagons extend about a half-inch past the lateral and medial sides of the shoe, giving you good lateral stability to ensure you won't roll your ankle.

Now let's talk about the upper. I'll just say it, it's freakin gorgeous. It has an uber technical feel without being overly technical. It's super clean (due to the 100% no-sew TPU welding) and is very well balanced aesthetically. But enough of my drooling, let's get into the functionality. 

This shoe has great structure in the heel counter that provides stability for those explosive lateral movements.

The hi-vis orange flywire adds some nice pop to the midfoot and (supposedly) adds some extra stability as well (although I'm convinced it's more of a visually-functional detail than a truly-functional detail). Either way the shoe fits snuggly and comfortably around my foot without squeezing it to death. And I consider my feet to be somewhat wide. 

The hyper turquoise forefoot has great ventilation due to the mesh/perforations and is also super stable due to the TPU welding and reinforced lateral triangle (probably not the technical name for it).  The other great feature of the forefoot is the super wide toe cap. The micro chevrons continue up the toe cap to give you a phenomenal grip for exercises like planks, mountain climbers, pushups, etc. 

My one and only gripe with this shoe is the tongue. It slightly digs into the front of my foot when I walk forward. And since edges of the tongue are so thin due to the TPU welding, it becomes really noticeable mid-workout. I found a way to minimize this annoyance by pulling the tongue to the side a bit, so that the cutout is now in line with the front of my foot. This allows the tongue to flex with my foot instead of working against it. This is a minor issue that may resolve itself over time as the shoe breaks-in, but still definitely something that should be noted.

The insoles of these shoes are incredibly comfortable and I noticed that they began to form to the shape of my foot after just one hour of working out. Also, the liner material is very soft and breathable which is key for a training shoe. 

Another feature I appreciate on this shoe is the reflective Swoosh and flecks in the flywire. This may seem unimportant, but for me they make all the difference. I walk about a mile to Circuit Works at night in Santa Monica, when everyone is rushing home from work. And that hit of reflective 3M gives me a little bit more piece-of-mind when I'm crossing the street. 

The Overview

Overall, this shoe is amazing. Not only is it aesthetically gorgeous, but it performs better than any other training shoe I've owned. The gusher-like cushions give you padding exactly where you need it most, and the micro chevron tread pattern gives you so much grip you'll feel like a ninja. While the tongue may be a minor nuisance, there's a quick fix to that issue, and it will definitely become more flexible over time. So if you're in the market for a solid training shoe that gives you ninja-like powers and the confidence to push yourself even harder, look no further than the Nike Zoom Hypercross.

Rating: 9.5 / 10

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