Thrux Lawrence Leather Keyfob

Hola amigos! This week I'll be reviewing the Thrux Lawrence Fold-Over Keyfob. This specific keyfob is their "Light Brown" option with brass hardware. They offer 4 different leather stains (natural, light brown, dark brown, and black) as well as stainless steel hardware. This product retails at $20 dollars, which is a pretty fair price for what comes with it. "Ugh, not another leather keychain product," you say? I completely agree. BUT! This one has a bit of a twist that makes it much better than it's competitors.

Here is what comes with your keyfob. Everything is nicely packaged in a little burlap bag and labeled with a huge "Built in the USA" stamp, as well as your specific color/metal choice. Inside the bag, you'll find your Horween Leather fob and 4 pieces of hardware. I was very pleased that they included 4 different sized screws that could adapt to someone's growing or shrinking key collection. 

The brass hardware is super high quality and will age nicely with the leather over time. It's also very easy to loosen or tighten the screw with your fingernail, so you don't need to worry about carrying around a screw driver or some coins to adjust the hardware.

So what's so special about this keyfob? There are two things: 1) It gets rid of the jingle. Thank you lord, it gets rid of the freakin' jingle. I have been using a normal carabiner attached to a standard keyring all my life, and all my life I've sounded like a cat wearing a bell collar. This keyfob keeps those noisy keys in their place and silences them forever. 2) This setup also prevents they keys from ever stabbing you in the butt as you sit down. A feature well worth over $20 bucks in itself. *Side Note: The brass key clip in this picture does not come with the keyfob. But the beauty of this product is that you can attach it to any existing carabiner you already own. If you're looking for one like mine that matches the color and aesthetic of the keyfob, it's called a solid brass swivel-eye trigger snap (you'll find plenty of them online).

The logo treatment is a nice, subtle deboss on one side of the leather (by now you've realized how much I love subtle logo treatments). An unexpected bonus feature of this keyfob is that it gives you a handle when using your keys. And if your apartment door has a suborn lock like mine does, this extra grip/leverage will come in handy. The only downside I've had so far with this keyfob is that the dark brown finish rubs off a bit onto my pants. This is only noticeable when wearing light colored pants, and it comes off in the wash. But definitely something to consider if you choose a darker stained leather.


This keyfob has been a godsend for me. It has solved my annoying jingle problem, kept my butt safe from key attacks, and given me extra leverage for opening suborn locks. That's a lot of great features for such a simple product (it's basically just a piece of folded leather). And the $20 dollar price point makes this keyfob a worry-free purchase that will improve your everyday life. It's a no brainer, people. Grab one.

Rating: 9.5/10

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